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Building and Pest Inspection Prices

Are you shopping around for a good price on a building and pest inspection?

Having and building and pest inspection performed is a vital step when purchasing a property. Given the high cost of properties in Southern Sydney it can be tempting to look for the cheapest provider. Remember, not all building inspectors are the same and it’s vital to hire one that will provide a comprehensive inspection and use the latest tools to identify defects that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

At BPI we provide a complete service that is designed to protect the interests of our clients. Our pricing is mid-range, we’re certainly not the cheapest and we’re also not the most expensive. Low cost inspections usualy result in a poorly presented and hard to understand report, with no use of thermal imaging camera, this type of report would be a waste of your money.

Each home is different and some properties will require more time for the inspection, so our process is to quote each job indivudally based on the amount of time and the technology requiredf or the job.

What should you look in a Building and Pest Inspection company?

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

As with many other jobs, the quality of work carried out can vary greatly and most of the time, you get what you pay for. Doing a thorough inspection and preparing a comprehensive report is time consuming.

At BPI Sydney South, we focus on quality and providing a thorough inspection of your property or prospective property purchase.

Be Wary of Cheap Unlicensed Operators

We understand that this is one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make in your life and we ensure that you get a comprehensive report and sound advice so you can make an informed decision.

Always be cautious of unlicensed building inspectors or cheap services.

Usually you get what you pay for – poorly presented hard to understand report, no use of thermal imaging camera and a rushed job.

We have saved buyers tens of thousands in repair bills and we would like to help you to. If you would like a quote please complete the form on the right and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Why use BPI Sydney South for your Pest and Building Inspection?

  • Fast turnaround

  • Backed by an Australia wide company

  • One inspector does both building and pest

  • We are totally Independent

  • Pre-purchase and existing home inspections

  • Fully licensed, Qualified & Insured

  • Reports are delivered by e-mail same day as the inspection

  • Latest Thermal imagery camera used on every inspection

  • Reports are thorough and easy to read

  • Outstanding service

  • Thorough inspections

  • Clear concise reports

  • Professional advice