How to get the most from a Pre-Sale Building Inspection

» How to get the most from a Pre-Sale Building Inspection

How to get the most from a Pre-Sale Building Inspection

A Building Inspection will take around 2 hours. For those property owners that are eager to understand the building inspection process, they can accompany the inspector and ask questions. If there are pets and children in the home, it’s always advisable to take them out during the inspection, however.

Mould & Mildew

Remove any mould and mildew stains, because it’s not only unsightly but it also signals potential moisture problems. A moisture meter will be used during the inspection to determine if a moisture problem exists but it’s always a good idea to eradicate any signs of mould.


Many leaks can signify poor drainage, they are often easily fixed and should be done so before a building inspection. Gutters should be cleaned to avoid blockages that may result in leaking roofs. Inspectors will look at your roof coverings, as leaking roofs can cause major defects. Ensure that flashing is watertight and there is no evidence of water damage.

Clean and De-clutter Your House

Ensure your house is clean, this is a good indication of how well a property has been maintained, yet many homeowners overlook this important task. Also, mow lawns and remove any dead plants or branches.

Remove clutter from rooms, dispose of rubbish, clothes or personal items that may be covering the floor.

In order to provide a thorough report, the inspector will need access to all areas. Ensure they can easily get into roof spaces, under the house and in the garage. If any areas are usually locked provide keys.

You will also need to:

Clear away trees and rubbish from exterior inspection or entry points.
Collect relevant repair or renovation documents and certificates.
Paint and seal all weathered exterior wood.
Test the smoke detectors or install new ones.
Ensure all windows and doors open and close.
Repair all leaking plumbing fixtures, toilet, bath, shower, and sinks.
Replace broken light bulbs and light fittings.
Remove and repair rotting wood.
Check that the crawlspace is dry and well ventilated.
Check that vents are operational and free of debris.
Tighten loose doorknobs or replace them if broken.
Repair loose railings.
Patch and repaint any small holes or cracks in walls and ceilings.
Check safety switch is compliant.
Check pool fencing compliance if applicable.
Ensure garage door/s working correctly.

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