Building inspections using drones

» Building inspections using drones

Building inspections using drones

We recently invested in a drone to assist with our building inspections because many homes in the area are double story or located on sloping blocks, which can make it difficult to inspect them effectively.

Improved access for building inspections

Our new drone offers an efficient approach to inspecting difficult to access properties and high roof lines. The drone is fitted with a 1 inch 20-megapixel camera and is remotely piloted by our inspector on the ground. The high-quality videos and images allow our inspector to identify defects in gutters, roofs, flashing, pointing, skylights and windows.

High quality imagery

Using the drone, our inspector is able to zoom into problem areas and take high-definition video footage or still photographs. The images are included in the inspection report along with a description of any defects and recommendations for rectification.

Our use of the drone provides home-owners and potential buyers the peace of mind they need when making large investment decisions.

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