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Pool Inspections & Fence Certifiers Sutherland Shire

Our qualified pool inspections will:

• Ensure your pool fence complies with current safety laws
• Reduce the risk of a child accessing your pool
• Piece of mind from a qualified inspection

Our inspections adhere to the Pool Safety Standard. We also abide by all other standards for ‘ensuring the safety of persons under a regulated pool’.

Cameron is based in the Sutherland Shire and will be able to give advice and recommendations on the non-compliant issues.

Pool Fencing Laws

Total pool restriction is essential at all times so that children remain safe. Even though older pools built before 1st August 1990 may include doors and windows in the barrier, they must also be in compliance.

Pools built between 1st August 1990 and 1 July 2010 must have a fence that separates the pool from the house. Exemptions apply when a property is under 230 square metres, over two hectares, or against waterfront.

After 1 July 2010, all pools must be surrounded by a fence that separates it from the home. Inflatable pools must also comply with fencing laws.

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Fencing Measurements

A pool’s fence must be at least 1.2 metres above ground level and the bottom gap can’t be over 10 centimetres. Spaces between vertical bars within the fence must be no more than 10 centimetres apart. To prevent a child from climbing the fence, horizontal bars must be at least 90 centimetres apart.

Establish a “Non-Climbable” Zone

Since safety is a top priority, it’s essential to have a “non-climbable zone” around the pool area. This means no trees, ladders, chairs, or other objects can exist within 90 centimetres of this area. Anything that remains in this zone can’t have horizontal bars.

Pool Gates

A pool gate must always remain shut and swing away from the pool area. After it opens, it must close automatically and self-latch.

Child-Resistant Barriers

Older pools may have doors or windows within the barrier. However, this is no longer allowed. If a door exists, it must be self-closing, self-locking with a device over 150 centimetres from the ground and must not have a pet door.

Windows must also contain locking devices or security screens that keep them from opening past 10 centimetres.pool safety inspections sydney south.

Fence and Gate Maintenance

It’s essential to examine the hardware on the fence and gate. All bolts, screws, and other fasteners must be completely tightened and in proper order. To make sure the hinges do not stick, they should be sprayed with a lubricating material.

Pool Safety Checklist

  • Pool Gates

  • Pool Fences

  • Dividing Fences

  • Resuscitation Sign

  • Branches

  • Climbable Objects

  • Doors

  • Windows

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Click here to view the NSW pool self-assessment checklist.

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