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Pool Safety Inspection Checklist

Pool Compliance Checklist Sydney NSW

Did you know when a property with a swimming pool or spa is sold or leased it must be certified? That means a Pool Safety Inspection is required and a certificate of compliance, a certificate of non-compliance or an occupation certificate (for the pool or spa) must be obtained. An accredited pool certifier like BPI Sydney South can perform the Pool Safety Inspection. But, before a certifier can inspect the pool or spa it must be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Registration is a free and simple online task.

We are regularly asked about the criteria for certification. To help you to assess if a pool is compliant we have prepared a self-assessment checklist, please find it below. Or click here to download a PDF copy of the NSW Pool Safety Inspection Checklist.

If you would like to know more about our Pool Safety Inspection and Certification Service, please click here to contact us or call Cameron on 0439 282 336

Pool fence

  • The swimming pool has a child-resistant barrier separating it from the house.
  • From ground level, the pool fence should be 1200mm high (minimum) and well maintained, with no holes, rust or broken parts.
  • A Minimal gap of no more than 100mm from the bottom of the fence to the ground.
  • When a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, it should be 1800mm high from the pool area (or 1200mm high if build before 1/9/08).
  • Vertical bars in the fence have a gap, no larger than 100mm.
  • If using mesh fencing any gaps should be 13mm or less.

Pool gate and windows

  • The gate should latch by itself and be self-closing from any position.
  • A latching device is required and should be at least 1500mm above ground level.
  • The gate should swing freely and open away from the pool – outwards.
  • Windows within the boundary should open not more than 100mm and should have a locking device.

For indoor pools and spas

  • A latching device is required on the gate and it should be at least 1500mm above ground level.
  • Any pet door or openings or wall openings should not exceed 100mm.
  • Windows should open not more than 100mm.
  • An appropriate and clear warning sign such as the CPR guidelines should be available near the pool area. The sign should be clearly visible and be easily read from a distance of 3m.
  • No climbable objects within a 1200mm area outside the fence.

Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)

  • A 300mm clearance from the barrier inside the pool area is required.
  • No potential hand holds or foot holds within a 900mm non-climbable zone.
  • Measure the non-climbable zone in an arc shape from the top of the fence to the ground.
  • A warning sign that includes resuscitation techniques and is easy to read from 3metres, is displayed near the pool area.
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