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Pre-sale building and pest inspection

Getting the most from a pre-sale building and pest inspection

It’s no surprise that most home buyers will invest in a building and pest inspection prior to purchasing a property. Buyers want to know what defects a property has and understand the cost of repairs in order to avoid substantial loss.

We are seeing a growing number of savvy sellers and their agents investing in a Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection or vendor report before putting a property on the market. They realise that the small investment in an inspection will ensure there are no surprises at sale time. These reports also give vendors the opportunity to make any necessary repairs before they impact property value.

It’s surprising
The truth is, all homes have issues and it’s a property inspector’s job to find flaws in a property. The Building and Pest Inspection report will outline all issues, both big and small and it can be daunting for buyers when they initially read them. It’s not unusual for a buyer to receive a Building and Pest Inspection Report and then renegotiate the sale price due to the cost of repairs. Worse still, some walk away.

Work with your agent
A Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection report will provide the agent with the information they need to value a property. It also allows them to plan for, and more effectively negotiate with buyers if defects aren’t repaired. We recommend discussing the report with your agent and prioritising those repairs that your agent believes will impact sale price.

Termite Damage
Both the CSIRO and the Institute of Australian Architects have conducted research that indicates more than 30% of Australian homes have a history of termites. Nothing scares a potential buyer more than termite damage, even when there are no active termites. Vendors that are aware of termite damage have the opportunity to make the repairs before potential buyers see the property.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
A good Building and Pest Inspection will include the use of a thermal imaging camera, these devices can uncover issues within the walls such as termites and rising damp. Both issues repel buyers.

Attend the inspection
It’s a great idea for homeowners to attend pre-sale building and pest inspections. It allows them to ask questions as the inspection is conducted. It will help them to understand which issues are important to repair and which ones may be costly.

Forewarned is forearmed
As the ancient proverb suggests forewarned is forearmed. This basically means that prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives you a tactical advantage. Invest in a Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection to ensure you are both forewarned and forearmed!

If you’re eager to maximise the sale price of a property then my advice is to work closely with your agent and also invest in a Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection. To make a booking please call Cameron on 0439 282 236.

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