Understanding the pre-settlement property inspection

» Understanding the pre-settlement property inspection

Understanding the pre-settlement property inspection

Property Purchasers are entitled to perform a pre-settlement property inspection during the week of settlement. The Contract of Sale requires vendors to hand over the property in the same condition as when it was purchased. If the buyer finds that something is damaged or no longer working they can request repairs be made prior to settlement. Failure to comply can delay settlement.

It’s a good idea for vendors to review the property and make any necessary repairs before they vacate to ensure the pre-settlement inspection runs smoothly and settlement isn’t delayed.

Of course “fair wear and tear” can be expected. While owners aren’t obliged to thoroughly clean the property it’s a good idea to leave the property as clean as possible with the lawns mowed to avoid any delays.

If the home was previously rented, ensure tenants have moved out prior to the inspection and the property is clean and no damage has occurred since the property was initially purchased.

Don’t forget to:

Fix any holes or cracks in walls that have appeared since contract signingFix any windows that have broken since purchase
Ensure garage door is operating in the same manner as on purchase date
If the buyer negotiated special conditions that included repairs, ensure these have been made
Ensure any appliances or fixtures that are noted in the contract of sale are not removed
Check pool filter working

Ensure pool fencing remains complaint
Remove all rubbish and discarded items
Ensure all furniture is removed
Check hot water service
Check taps for leaks
Mow Lawns

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